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Hi there! I'm Sarah, otherwise known as eyepicturedthis online, and I'm a Brisbane (Australia) based Illustrator and Animator. My time is usually spent creating art, watering my ferns, and taking my corgi (Peach) everywhere I go.


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My Story

Even though I knew since I was young that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, I never felt like it was a realistic dream. Throughout highschool I enjoyed art as a subject, but wasn't told there were options out there other than being a fine artist.

Sarah Capon Illustrator young
Sarah Capon Illustrator young
Pixar Dug by Sarah Capon

After highschool I wanted to do something creative at university and see where it took me, but after being rejected to study the "Creative Industries" degree at QUT and a false start studying at UQ I stopped creating any art for a few years. During this time I worked in a printing office job where I was scanning and printing documents, I had a great time with the friends I made there, but my goal was always to return to study.

I ended up studying product design at Queensland College of Arts (Griffith University), and graduated with first class honours in mid 2017. During this degree I found I had a lot of fun problem solving through design, but my passion really was in communicating the ideas and stories through illustration and animation. After working in a commercial graphic design studio for 2 years (where I was making the same ads all day about products I didn't care about) I felt like I was being pushed into a box and my creativity had been squashed. I wanted more!

Leaving that job and going freelance was terrifying, but I took the leap and started freelancing doing very small design jobs. Again, I wasn’t ending up doing the work I wanted to do even though I got to choose jobs now… and I still felt creatively stuck!


During 2019 I was offered a job doing freelance work for Buchan on Luminescent Longreach, a project for the Qantas Museum, as a visual development artist/illustrator/animator (all the jobs!). This was such an exciting experience with a wonderful team of talented people. It let my creativity really explode as I took rough storyboards and turned them into colourful animated sequences. This is when I finally started finding my voice as an artist and gaining confidence with my style.


In 2020 I had lined up another museum job to work on with the same team, but of course things changed that year, and I was left at home with nothing to do (like a lot of us). I decided then to take advantage of this quiet time to work on my own art and pursue the self-made career that I wanted. That’s when I shared my first paper piece on Instagram! Ever since then I’ve been working with paper full time creating art and videos that have been enjoyed by people all over the world (ahh!). I love being able to spread happiness with my work and I hope to continue doing this well into the future :)

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This year I've been working on my debut picture book, Grow Big, Little Seed, written by Bec Nanayakkara and published by Hardie Grant available for pre-order now: Click here to view the book on Booktopia


Below is my old illustration/animation/motion graphics reel from 2020

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