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Commission Information


Providing your reference photos

Once you've made your order, the first thing I need from you are reference photos of each individual you're having made in your portrait. Send these pictures to

Please note it is your responsibility to send your photos to me in a timely manner. I can't start your piece until I receive them.

What information or pictures should you provide?

Be clear about details you want included. You can write them in dot points, or you can write me several paragraphs, whatever is easier for you. If you have preference on poses, clothes, colour scheme, who holds which pet, etc, you need to tell me before I start working on your draft. Include these in your reference photos email.

Humans - What kind of photos work best?

I appreciate getting at least a few photos of each individual where I can see their height, body shape, clothing style, and face. If there are any favourite outfits you'd like people wearing in the piece please provide photos and let me know. I always prefer to make people in clothing they actually would wear.

I can work from individual or group photos (I don't copy the picture so I don't need you all in one photo posing together). 

You can send me as many photos as you like, they're all useful while I'm trying to get an understanding of what this person or pet looks like. If you send lots of photos please zip/compress them into a folder or use dropbox/google drive in a way where I can download them all at once. If you use google drive please make sure you 'allow access' to the folder.

Pets - What kind of photos work best?

If there is a specific pose you'd like me to recreate, please send pictures of that. Otherwise, in addition to some face pictures, I like side on pictures so I can see their body shape and fur markings clearly. If you only have a few photos of the pet and the pics aren't perfect, that's okay! I'll be able to figure out how the pet looks, and you will have input too.


If your pet has a favourite toy you'd like included, please provide photos of that.

If you have purchased a pet portrait please also include a little blurb about your pet/s personality when you email me your photos. I use this blurb to figure out what pose would best represent your pet (eg. running after their favourite ball if they're a really active dog). 

I've put some example pictures of my own dog, Peach, here for your reference. I would find these quite useful to draw from as they show multiple angles of her body and face, and I like that they are essentially taken at her eye height. 


Your Commission Draft

Your digital draft may take a few weeks for me to get to/draw. Depending on your place in my order list, you may have to wait a month or so, but I will let you know where you are in line when you send me your photos. 

When you receive this draft, remember the colours will look slightly different in paper but I have done my best to represent how the colours and shapes will look once finished. 

You are welcome to request a few adjustments to your commission (I will not be offended!). There is only one round of changes.


Receiving your Commission

Once I have finished making your commission in paper I send you a few photos of the final outcome before mailing it off the the address you provided through Shopify. Let me know if it's being sent directly to someone as a gift.

Your commission will be packaged safely and sent with tracking. Your tracking number will be provided via your dispatch notice from shopify.

Please remember I have no control over the postal system, and can only guess from experience about how long things may take to arrive. International orders with standard postage can take 2-4 weeks to arrive at their destination.


Commission Care​


Caring for your commission correctly is important. For my unframed commissions, I strongly suggest keeping it in the plastic sleeve and box in until you are able to frame the piece correctly. 

Wash your hands before touching the piece as natural oils from your hands can transfer to the paper. Be careful to not crease the paper as you handle it.

Professional framing is recommended to keep the piece safe for years to come.

Once your piece is framed, place it in a dry space away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight causes damage slowly over time.

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Social Media

Feel free to post your commission on social media and tag me @eyepicturedthis so I can see the post! I love seeing your posts and especially love seeing my pet portraits next to the real life pet!

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