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Commissions FAQ

Q. Why are your commissions closed?

A. I close my commissions periodically. This can be due to demand, or because I am working on other projects and don't have time for personalised commissions. 

Q. How do I request a commission from you?

A. You may purchase a commission through the options I have listed on my shopify. If my online store is closed or they are listed as 'sold out' it means my commissions are currently closed.

Q. I know you are based in Australia, but do you send your pieces internationally?

A. Yes I send overseas! However, anything I ship overseas will be either unframed or framed in something that isn't made from glass. This means I do not send my framed pet portraits outside of Aus. If you would like to frame your pieces this way then do please request your unframed pet portrait with no backing card so you can do this when it arrives to you.

Q. I'd like to order a commission, but you don't list exactly what I want on your site.

A. Please send me a message via email to discuss what you're wanting, and I can create you a custom listing.

Q. Can I get a bigger family portrait with more adults?

A. Yes! I have done bigger family portraits, and am happy to do yours. I price these on a case by case basis, so please send me a message with the amount of adults and children/pets you'd want included so I can provide you a personal quote.

Q. Why can I only get up to 3 pets in one glass frame?

A. When it comes the glass frames I need to keep the layers of paper thin enough to fit between the two panes of glass. As a rule of thumb I prefer to set the limit at 3 pets so this is achievable, but am happy to talk about it on a case by case basis. Message me if you'd really like more than 3 pets in one frame and I'll see what I can do.


Q. Can you make pets that are only one colour?

A. Yes - of course! For pets that are one colour all over I generally use two tones of whatever colour they are to create some contrast. For example, if a dogs fur is fully white, I will use white and light grey to capture their features.

Q. What reference photos do you need - do we all need to be in the same picture?

A. I can work from individual or group photos (I don't copy the picture so I don't need you all in one photo posing together). As long as you provide some photos where I can see body shape, clothing style, and the face, then that'll be great.

Q. How many reference photos should I send?

A. You can send me as many photos as you like, they're all useful while I'm trying to get an understanding of what this person or pet looks like. If you send lots of photos please zip/compress them into a folder or use dropbox/google drive in a way where I can download them all at once.

Q. What's the process like for a commission?

A. Once I have received your reference photos I begin drawing your digital draft. You're able to request adjustments to this draft before I begin making it in paper. Once the draft is approved, I will go ahead and create the final piece. This then gets mailed to you with tracking.

Q. How long does a commission take?

A. It depends on how busy I am with other orders. I work through commissions in order of when they were purchased (+ when I receive the reference pictures). I generally have a lot of commissions on my books at once because I get an influx when I open my commissions. You're welcome to ask me where you are in the line and for a time estimate, but expect 6-9 weeks.

Q. How do I look after my commission?

A. To help it last the test of time I do suggest having it professionally framed. Professional framers are able to protect it from UV damage, dust, and tiny bugs that might crawl in. Keep your piece away from sunny windows and never hang it anywhere that gets any direct sunlight throughout the day. Do not let your piece get wet.

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